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History of the first born smiley

Gak tau bener apa gaknya..tapi..seenggaknya kalo bener ini adalah proses kelahiran
sesuatu yang membuat percakapan di dunia maya jadi lebih mempunyai “perasaan”
Proses kelahirannya lahir di sebuah bulletin board di internet kurang lebih pada tanggal 19 Sept 1982

Gak seluruh prosesnya ditampilin, kalo mo lengkap baca aja di sini

here it goes…

18-Sep-82 20:40 Guy Steele at CMU-10A ! Joke markers again
I hope everyone realized that my previous remark about non-use
of joke markers was a joke, and was flagged as such by the
absence of a marker. This message is not a joke, as indicated
by the exclamation point.

18-Sep-82 21:58 Feng-Hsiung Hsu at CMU-10A Trek Game Document
I accidentally printed out a copy of the Trek game document in a
attempt to read the document on the ALTO. When I went to the Dover
room, I found one Trek Document on the Dover, another coming out,
and more copies on the Guest rack. Maybe some other people have
printed them without knowing it. If you are interested in the game,
perhaps you should go to the Dover room first and find out if there
is any Trek Document left.

18-Sep-82 22:06 Lee Brownston at CMU-10A Books for Sale
My book collection has grown to unmanageable size, so I am forced to
sell hundreds of books. The list, which will be kept up to date, can
be found in the file books.txt[a780lb90] on CMU-10A. At the moment,
the vast majority of the books in the list are in Cognitive Psychology,
with an especially good selection of books from Erlbaum. Sorry, my
sale books do NOT include anything from Computer Science, Artificial
Intelligence, or Mathematics. Examine the file for further details.

18-Sep-82 23:49 Leonard N Zubkoff Kerosene Heaters
From: Leonard N Zubkoff
Jan and I are considering purchasing a Kerosene heater to ease heating bills
this winter, but we are concerned about any problems of Kerosene fumes. Would
anyone having any information on the current breed of such heaters please get
in touch with us. Replies to Zubkoff @ CMUC. Thanks.
19-Sep-82 11:44 Scott E Fahlman 🙂
From: Scott E Fahlman

I propose that the following character sequence for joke markers:


Read it sideways. Actually, it is probably more economical to mark
things that are NOT jokes, given current trends. For this, use

19-Sep-82 13:46 Pat Langley at CMU-10A house for sale
Our house in Squirrel Hill is for sale. For details, see house.txt[a310pl20].

19-Sep-82 17:16 Mike Blackwell Biking
From: Mike Blackwell
Well, Nivek, Pat and I made to Ohio and back on Saturday, and lived to
tell about it! Highlites were: wild cows and ducks, twenty five thousand
Coke machines, a direct correlation between dead ‘possums and Corvettes
on the road, some really great hills, the best apples we’ve ever had,
and Stubenville.

Anyway, Nivek and I know of lots of good and bad biking roads in the
area, and would like to share the knowledge. If you are ever inclined
on taking a trip, we may be able to give you pointers on a good route.
Better yet, if you want to go on a medium (~50 miles) to long (~100
miles) trip, you can probably twist our arms into going with you.

So if you are at all interested in bike touring the western PA area, let
me know. If I get enough (any?) response, I will try to organize
something (me, organized? ha!).

19-Sep-82 18:20 Matthew Lewis at CMU-10A Things we shouldn’t know?
Herb Simon will be giving a lecture entitled:
“Are there things we should not know?
Social responsibility and science”
– Thursday, 23 September, at 3:30
– Frick Fine Arts Auditorium
(The building to the left after you go over the bridge towards Pitt)
This event is the first in a series sponsored by the
Pitt Forum for Social Responsibility and Values.

19-Sep-82 18:56 Jeff Shrager at CMU-10A 38521,03,9(6),9(9),1(5),0
Just signifying that a message is a joke is certainly not sufficient.
One can develop a taxonomy of bboard message types along several different
dimensions. Also, where a continuum is preferable to a taxonomy (such as
where humor value is at issue) one can similarly use a scale to indicate
where along that scale this message lies. Suppose that all dimensions are
refered to by a ten point scale (we’ll use all integers here although one
can certainly imagine reals in the case of fine grain continuous scales).
Some dimensions will be bitwise encoded as well.
Here is a sample of a coding scheme:


Microsoft, Mac and Xerox

diambil dari folklore dengan judul A rich Neighbour Named Xerox

When Steve Jobs recruited Microsoft to be the first third party applications software developer for the Macintosh, he was already concerned that they might try to copy our ideas into a PC-based user interface. As a condition of getting an early start at Macintosh development, Steve made Microsoft promise not to ship any software that used a mouse until at least one year after the first shipment of the Macintosh.

Microsoft’s main systems programmer assigned to the Mac project was Neil Konzen, a brilliant young Apple II hacker who grew up in their backyard in the suburbs of Seattle. Neil started working at Microsoft while he was still a high school student, and single-handedly implemented the system software for their hit Z80 card that allowed the Apple II to run CP/M software.

Neil loved Apple, so it was natural for Microsoft to assign him to their new, top-secret Macintosh project. He was responsible for integrating Microsoft’s byte-code based interpreted environment (which actually was a copy of a system used at Xerox that favored memory efficiency over execution speed, which was appropriate for the Mac’s limited memory) with the rapidly evolving Macintosh OS, so he quickly became Microsoft’s expert in the technical details of the Mac system.

By the middle of 1983, Microsoft was far enough along to show us working prototypes of their spreadsheet and business graphics programs, Multiplan and Chart (they were also working on a word processor, but they neglected to mention that, since it would compete with MacWrite). I would usually talk with Neil on the phone a couple of times a week. He would sometimes request a feature that I would implement for him, or perhaps complain about the way something was done. But most of the time I would answer his various questions about the intricacies of the still evolving API.

I gradually began to notice that Neil would often ask questions about implementation details that he didn’t really need to know about. In particular, he was really curious about how regions were represented and implemented, and would often detail his theories about them to me, hoping for confirmation.

Aside from intellectual curiosity, there was no reason to care about the system internals unless you were trying to implement your own version of it. I told Steve that I suspected that Microsoft was going to clone the Mac, but he wasn’t that worried because he didn’t think they were capable of doing a decent implementation, even with the Mac as an example.

In November 1983, we heard that Microsoft made a surprising announcement at Comdex, the industry’s premier trade show, held twice a year in Las Vegas. Microsoft announced a new, mouse-based system graphical user interface environment called Windows, competing directly with an earlier environment announced by Personal Software called “Vision”. They also announced a mouse-based option for Microsoft Word. When Steve Jobs found out about Windows, he went ballistic.

“Get Gates down here immediately”, he fumed to Mike Boich, Mac’s original evangelist who was in charge of our relationships with third party developers. “He needs to explain this, and it better be good. I want him in this room by tomorrow afternoon, or else!”

And, to my surprise, I was invited to a meeting in that conference room the next afternoon, where Bill Gates had somehow manifested, alone, surrounded by ten Apple employees. I think Steve wanted me there because I had evidence of Neil asking about the internals, but that never came up, so I was just a fascinated observer as Steve started yelling at Bill, asking him why he violated their agreement.

“You’re ripping us off!”, Steve shouted, raising his voice even higher. “I trusted you, and now you’re stealing from us!”

But Bill Gates just stood there coolly, looking Steve directly in the eye, before starting to speak in his squeaky voice.

“Well, Steve, I think there’s more than one way of looking at it. I think it’s more like we both had this rich neighbor named Xerox and I broke into his house to steal the TV set and found out that you had already stolen it.”

Unfortunately, it turned out that while the agreement that Microsoft signed in 1981 stipulated that they not ship mouse-based software until a year after the Mac introduction, that ended up being defined in the contract as September 1983, since in late 1981 we thought that the Mac would ship in the fall of 1982, and we foolishly didn’t let the ship date float in the contract. So Microsoft was within their rights to announce Windows when they did. Apple still needed Microsoft’s apps for the Macintosh, so Steve really couldn’t cut them off.

Microsoft didn’t manage to ship a version of Windows until almost two years later, releasing Windows 1.0 in the fall of 1985. It was pretty crude, just as Steve had predicted, with little of the Mac’s thoughtful elegance. It didn’t even have overlapping windows, preferring a simpler technique called “tiling”. When its utter rejection became apparent a few months later, Bill Gates fired the implementation team and started a new version from scratch, led by none other than Neil Konzen.

Neil’s version of Windows, released a couple of years later, was good enough that Apple filed a monumental copyright lawsuit against Microsoft in 1988, but they eventually lost on a technicality (the judge ruled that Apple inadvertently gave Microsoft a perpetual license to the Mac user interface in November 1985).

The Wachowski Brother

Teringat pada surat yg pernah gw kirimin ke temen gw..Irha..
maka berikut ini gw persembahkan satu mahakarya :p
kesintingan dalam kesadaran..yg pernah dimuat di blognya Irha.
thx Irha for reminding me I was once wrote a kewl material..

Letter from Ulez

Jika, Sebuah Pensil Warnaku kuberikan pada Irha
Ini adalah petualangan sel-sel otak dalam
mencari kebenaran yang dapat diterimanya (karena kebenaran belum tentu dapat diterima).

Aku baru bangun ketika sekejap itu pula mataku menumbuk
tulisan terjemahan film the matrix,
“aku tidak suka gagasan bahwa aku tidak mengendalikan hidupku”
mungkin bahasa inggris amerikanya “i don’t like the idea of being not having control on my own life”.

Aku harusnya bertemu Wachowski bersaudara semenjak tahun 2000
untuk menuliskan pada mereka bahwa aku mempunyai sel otak
yang mempunyai rute petualangan yang sama.
Aku harusnya bilang, ” we always have control with our life, since our birth,
even since we are not exist yet, we always do bro!”.

Lalu aku akan mulai bercerita gagasanku.
Aku punya ide. Bahwa ketika manusia mulai hidup,
tidak bisa merdeka dari dua hal yaitu lahir (kamu bisa baca ini: awal hidup) dan mati.

Tapi diantara belenggu keduanya kita benar-benar merdeka,
karena Sang Pencipta Kemungkinan memberikan kita hal yang menggembirakan yaitu
Teka teki perjalanan hidup untuk dipecahkan sendiri,
persis seperti buku cerita sewaktu kita sekolah dasar dulu
yang dibawahnya bertulis “ciptakan petualanganmu sendiri”,
dimana kita tidak harus membaca buku itu halaman demi halaman
tapi tergantung jalan mana yang mau kita ambil.

Sayangnya kemungkinan-kemungkinan yang diberikan sedemikian banyaknya
sampai kita sendiri malas untuk memikirkannya sehingga beberapa dari kita lebih senang
untuk tidak merdeka dalam menentukan kemungkinan yang cocok dan dapat diterima untuk dirinya sendiri.If…Then…Else.

Hidup ini adalah Algoritma kawan, pilihlah petualangan mu sendiri tidak ada jalan buntu,
tidak peduli kamu akan melakukan sesuatu atau menghindarinya
hal beikut yang mendatangimu adalah konsekuensi dari tindakan yang kamu ambil.

Contoh sederhana,
If kamu percaya dengan apa yang aku ceritakan ini
Then kamu akan mulai berpikiran yang kirakira sama denganku
dalam memandang hidup Else mungkin kamu akan berpikiran lain,
entah menentang atau entahlah.
Tidak, tidak berhenti sampai disini karena setiap If…Then…Else yang baru kita lewati
akan melahirkan If…Then…Else yang lain dibawahnya.
Makanya aku bilang jika kita sudah ditakdirkan untuk merdeka
mengapa mesti kita mengingkarinya dengan mengakui bahwa kita merdeka
dengan tetap terbelenggu dan nyaman dengan ketidak tahuan….,
hanya agar bisa tidur pulas dan bangun dengan mengetahui uang penghuni dompetmu
masih ada untuk makan dan tertawa.Hahaha…
adapun benar tidaknya tulisan inipun adalah termasuk dalam sistem If…Then…Else itu sendiri,
If tulisanku benar Then ini adalah tulisan yang benar dan aku senang bisa mengetahui sekali dalam hidupku aku benar
Else ini hanyalah tulisan orang gila yang mencuri 20 menit waktu kerjanya.
Namun orang gila ini berharap ini adalah awal dari pengumpulan pensilpensil warna.
Selamat Bekerja atau apapun yang akan kamu kerjakan.
wuih,panasnya ampuuuuuun, di Bogor aja kayak gini
gimana Jakarta.
Susah,Belum makan kerja gak semanget, laper,
dah makan kenyang kerja gak semanget juga ngantuk. Jadi kapan semanget kerjanya yah?
uuuh, gw mo laporan dulu ah kepada sang Khalik