my life as ulez

about Fa

her sleep

I cant even find a word
to describe my feeling..

just to watch her sleep..
And I’m speechless…

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Here’s to the (another) awesome weekend with my daughter.

the aha moment…

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let me see

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A Journey to the Southside of Heaven

One cold starry dawn
That’s when my lovely wife begin
To feel something that she never felt before
The baby found her way to begin entering the world

On one room at one hospital we went
On one bed she lies
One detector attached to her
On recognizing how the baby is doing


The sun then begin to rise


And then set
As the night start
It only arise the pain she felt
Fast heartbeat rolls the bed to another room


Surround her are the medics
In my right arm was her right leg
And her back was firmly held by my left arm

In two press of breath
The baby came out
Head first
Then the baby’s body
a she

ssoh3 ssoh4 ssoh_a1 ssoh_a2

I thought heaven was only a concept
Just looking at her Makes me realize where I am already at.



my 1st minute #4